G20 Summit in Toronto - Part 3

The pre-G20 Summit action has already started.  There have been a few small protests already although I didn't catch any of that action.

Here are some more pictures ahead of the G20 Summit to be held on June 26-27.  Today's pictures fall into three categories that show how each of these are preparing for the Summit:

1) The Government of Canada
2) The City of Toronto
3) Businesses


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Nisha said...

How different it is from country to country. Here you could photograph policemen and in Malaysia even after requesting them they won't budge.

They don't want to get involved in any sense. There was a point when there was no other person in the vicinity except for 3 policemen who were chitchatting. I requested them if they can click a photo of mine with my camera and I was refused with a stern look.