Report on Anandwan

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Baba Amte
"Give them a chance, not charity." - Baba Amte

My Journey to Anandwan

On January 6th, 2009, I boarded Azad Hind Express from Pune Station, heading towards Nagpur. The 15-hour long journey was quite interesting. I was sharing my 3-tier AC compartment with two flirtatious marketing people; a woman and her boss. They looked like they were in their 30's and both were married (not to each other). From their conversation and the way they were acting, I suspected there was something going on between them. They were apparently returning from a meeting in Pune and often travelled together.

The problem with an AC train is that after dark you cannot look out the window, as you only see your own reflection due to the dark tinted windows. So, at first I had nothing better to do than to overhear their conversation. They were sitting right next to me, and I couldn't exactly turn off my ears.

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My Swades

"This is not the tale of impressive deeds. It is a piece of my life taken in a moment when I was cruising along a given path with my dreams and aspirations..."

The song played in the background is the beautiful 'Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera' song from the movie Swades.

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