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"Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed."
- Irene Peter

Articles / Posts

I've realized that it is quite difficult to write good quality articles or posts.  Being in the office from 9-5 does not leave me with enough time (or energy) to spend time writing/editing articles, and I don't like to write something just for the sake of posting something new.

As a compromise, I started my Picture of the Week series last September.  The series is not a new or unique idea by any stretch of imagination.  However, the series allows me to reminisce about my past travels and treks.  In addition, I get to post something that is meaningful to me.  I'm trying to make my picture-of-the-week more relevant to world events.  Here's an example.  In the future, I will try to be more consistent about writing little blurbs under the picture that will help tell the story behind the picture, like this one.

New Look

The days of this blog on Blogger are numbered.  I'm working on a new site that will feature a revolutionary new look and feel for my readers (i.e. me).  Alright, I'm exaggerating - but only slightly (hah).  I'll be moving to Wordpress and a custom URL.  I will move all content from this blog to the new one.  I'll also be adding a couple of new series and features that I'm quite excited about.

Stay tuned!

Picture of the Week #65

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Pakistan's state-sponsored terrorist attack on Mumbai.  Taj Hotel, seen here, was one of the many places where well-trained AK-47 wielding Pakis let loose their hatred on innocent people.  This time they came via the sea route to carry out the attacks.  I don't know whether to be more upset about the actual attacks or on the incompetent Indian government for doing nothing about the attacks.

Picture of the Week #64

Khotachiwadi - in the heart of old Mumbai (Girgaon).  Enter Khotachiwadi and leave behind the chaos of Mumbai.  I envy the people who live in this century-old Heritage alley.

Picture of the Week #63

Seen here are riot police on the weekend of the G20 Summit hosted by Toronto (June, 2010).  I was there to catch all the action on my camera.  I must say, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Seoul, Korea hosted the Summit of the G20 nations on Nov 11-12.

Why once-in-a-lifetime experience?  Because the G20 is anti-tourism.  Nobody goes to a city that is hosting the G20 Summit.  Toronto was a ghost town during the G20.

Picture of the Week #62 - Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year everyone!