Picture of the Week #39

The famous "neck ring" wearing Padaung tribe women of Burma.  Long necks are considered attractive in their culture.

Tourists pay to pose with her and take photographs - it's almost like a zoo.
What else is she supposed to do to earn a living?  Her people are fighting the Burmese government for their own autonomous region.  As a result, many are displaced and have become refugees in their own country (like the Kashmiri Pandits) and in neighbouring Thailand.

Picture of the Week #38

Bhagwa atop Mt. Kamalgad!  Jai Maharashtra!

Picture of the Week #37

A simple transport in a not-so-simple world.  [Mumbai, India]

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! [Picture taken in Tshoka village, West Sikkim, India]

Picture of the Week #36

Beautiful wadi atop Koleshwar plateau.

Aisa des hai mera!