Picture of the Week #48

Side-streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.  Checkout the jungle of wires!

Picture of the Week #47

A small train station near Kalaw, Burma.  There was a commotion as the train stopped at this station.  People rushed to purchase fruits and vegetables, in bulk, which are apparently cheaper here.  Many vendors make a weekly trip from here to Rangoon (via Thazi) where the produce is sold for a neat profit.  It's a 12+ (slow) train journey.

Picture of the Week #46

A two-wheeler bridge in Luang Prabang, Laos.  There is one "lane" each for incoming and outgoing traffic (bicycles and motorcycles).  There is a separate new bridge for larger vehicles.

Picture of the Week #45

The remote Tay Trang border crossing between northern Lao PDR and northern Vietnam.  Many Vietnamese businessmen/businesswomen purchase fresh vegetables in Laos and sell in Vietnam.  Other hand-made products such as carpets are also "exported' from Laos for sale in Vietnam.

Picture of the Week #44

A typical scene in Burma.  There is not much else to do in this country as far as "work" is concerned.  People employed in the tourism industry are relatively well-to-do, and so are government employees.

Career options are limited for a young person in Burma.  One either becomes a monk, joins the army or goes to another country (too expensive).