Picture of the Week #61

A typical road-side chaiwala in India.  Between having tea in a 5-star hotel or at a road-side place, I would prefer this any time!

Picture of the Week #60

The glittering Thaniya Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.  All that glitters is not gold!

Picture of the Week #59

A shot of Girgaon Chowpatti (Mumbai) in the evening.  This has become a favourite hangout spot for the many migrant works that come to Mumbai from all over (North) India.

Picture of the Week #58

A place that I can never get tired of - Mumbai's Marine Drive.  In the monsoons, the atmosphere here is simply electrifying!  Come here with your loved one, and what more could anyone ask for?

Picture of the Week #57

Picture of a poster put up on a hotel run by a Tibetan family in Sikkim, India.