Observations from GO Train Commuting: A Satire

I wrote a post on my observations from Myanmar/Burma after traveling all over the country.  I thought I will do something similar for Canada seeing as I live here.  However, I'm limiting myself to what I've observed while commuting to work.  I take the "GO Train" to downtown Toronto everyday to go to the office.  It's a 20 minute ride.  Here's what I have observed 90% of the commuters are doing in the train:

(1)  Checking and replying to e-mails on their BlackBerry.  The invention of BlackBerry is probably the best thing that has happened for the corporate world.  They give their employees a BlackBerry and ensure that they can never fully get away from the office.  Interestingly, having a BlackBerry has become sort of a corporate status symbol - you're a nobody until somebody gives you a BlackBerry.

(2)  Reading.  Most of the men wearing Armani suits are reading the upper-class 'Globe and Mail' newspaper.  They are normally reading the Business section catching up on the latest mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, earnings reports and other World Markets' news.  Most other readers stick to the free newspaper having many career related and "get-away-to-the-Caribbean" articles.  The remaining few readers use the commute time to escape to an imaginary world (i.e. reading a novel).

(3)  Sleeping.  Most people who are not doing any of the above are catching up on their sleep.  Some are probably dreaming about winning the Lotto 649 lottery and escaping from the daily grind and rat race, while others are probably too tired to even dream about escaping.

So what am I doing?  Starin' out the window like a kid. :)

Sometimes I have a smile on my face and people may wonder why.  That's probably because I'm thinking of the time when I was in a train in Burma that used to "jump" so much that people literally bounced on their hard wooden seats.  Or maybe I'm thinking of the time when I was in a local train in India and it was so crowded that there wasn't even enough space to stand straight.

Sometimes I'm just sleeping peacefully...

PS: My observation sucks.  The above is elementary my dear Watson!

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