My Words of Wisdom

I saw a terrible accident a few days ago on the highway.  There was smoke coming out of the car and someone was trapped inside it.  It wasn't clear whether that person was dead or alive.  "Jaws of Life" were being used by the fire fighters to cut through the metal doors and get the person out.

That made me think how short and unpredictable life is.  Anything can happen and without warning.  We are here today and gone tomorrow.  We waste so much time and energy being angry, upset and unhappy.  In the end, it's just not worth it.  We have to learn to be forgiving towards others, and more importantly, ourselves.  Don't put your ego ahead of everything.  It's okay to make mistakes.

Sometimes we just need to sit back and think about what is really important to us?  Too often we are running behind the wrong things (like money or something similar).

One never knows whether we will have a tomorrow or not.  So don't waste your Today on negative things.  We should do whatever that is in our hands; for everything else, just hope for the best.

Learn to give.
Learn to forgive.
Learn to love.
Learn to be happy.

This is to everybody:

If I've upset you - I'm sorry.
If I've wronged you - Please forgive me.

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