This is Burma!

I'm in Rangoon/Yangon, Burma. I absolutely love this place. I went to the holiest shrine in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda, today and it is absolutely beautiful. Even after seeing the world's largest temple complex, Angkor Wat, I was still impressed with it.

I'm travelling with some of my new friends: Alex (British) and Jon (American). We all met at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. I also met a couple of French girls in Rangoon. One of them, who is of Indian-origin, wanted me to accompany her to Mandalay, but I've plans of going to Thazi and then to Bagan instead. I'm skipping Mandalay.

The Burmese people (like Cambodian) are some of the nicest I've ever met. I'm actually tired by smiling so much today. There are practically no foreigners in this country. I must also add that Burmese girls are very pretty (and simple). I think they like me too. :)

I'm heading to Thazi tomorrow by local train. Will be sittin' on a wooden bench for a very long time!

More later.


Cuckoo said...

Good !! Keep it up.
Before it, when was the last time you sat on a wooden bench ?

Neeraj said...

Last time I sat on a wooden bench was back in grade 8!