A Day in Bangkok

I had a nice Thai massage last night and a foot massage the previous night. It was must need relief after two days of intense walking in the hot and humid Bangkok weather.

I moved to a guest house on Surawongse road yesterday, which is located in the middle of where all the action is in Bangkok. Before that I was living in Saphan Khwai, which was very far from the city centre. However, it was still a convenient location because it was close to the Skytrain station. Speaking of the Skytrain - it is the best, fastest and coolest way to get around!

I'm waiting to get back my passport today with the Myanmar visa sticker on it. There are many reporters/cameramen outside the consulate today and a person at the consulate said they might close early because of it. I hope I can get my passport today, otherwise I will have to make another trip there tomorrow.

I think the fuss is all about Aung San Suu Kyi's "fake" trial that is going on in Yangon, Myanmar. Suu Kyi's is a pro-democracy leader who has been under house-arrest for several years. There's much pressure from Western governments to release her; but the Burmese junta will never do that.

It is interesting that the U.S. has applied many sanctions on Myanmar because its military government won't listen to them. Pakistan, however, which pretends to be America's puppet, is given "aid" money that is simply channeled for terrorist activities. Pakistan is not only a danger to its own people, but the entire world. The people of Myanmar are not a threat to anybody.

When I applied for the visa I had to fill out an "Employment History" form. Journalists, photographers, editors etc. are not allowed in Myanmar.

I'm moving to Bangkok's famous backpacker's area (Khao San Road) after picking up my passport today. I've yet to figure out how to get to the airport for my 7:00 AM flight to Myanmar on Friday...


Alex said...

Lol there's some contradiction in there.
"The people of Myanmar are not a threat to anybody" and "Journalists, photographers, editors etc. are not allowed in Myanmar".

Anyway less chatter on pakistan plz and more elaboration on bangkok and its activities.

Cuckoo said...

I have been following your blog like a stalker ! :P

You gave some info here but as per Alex that seems not true.

More tips on the city please, specially from an outsider's or Indian point of view. If possible, to lure people like me to the place some photos are also welcome. :-)

Neeraj said...

Bangkok is as modern as any city in the West. Expect to spend between 150-300 Baht per day for accommodation, 50-100 Baht per day on meals, plus transportation (1 day Skytrain pass costs 120 Baht). Plenty of shopping opportunities here if you're into that and also plenty of sightseeing (entry fees for certain important or "must-see" monuments are a bit expensive). Thai food is excellent. City is quite safe for single travelers.

However, Bangkok is too touristy for my liking. I'm currently in Myanmar (Burma) and absolutely love it!

Pictures will come once I get back home :)