There's Magic In The Air

The beautiful Swarovski crystal topped tree at Toronto's Eaton Center mall, complete with a "fake" snowfall show in the evenings.

I think Christmas is as much about shopping and gifts as it is about family.  Those who disagree should visit any mall during the pre-Christmas season.

These days when everyone has everything they want, it is becoming increasingly difficult to give them gifts.  Compounding the difficulties are people's tastes for brands; a Philips MP3 player will not be appreciated by someone who only wants Apple's iPod.  Those who want Android, do not want an iPhone.

So, what do you give to someone who has everything he/she wants?


Mee said...

Love? forgiveness? Smile? understanding? companionship? togetherness? undying support?:)

Neeraj said...

Yes, it's usually the intangible things that are more meaningful... things that cannot be seen or touched, yet they are still there.