Burmese Days

'This is Burma,' wrote Kipling. 'It is quite unlike any place you know about.' He was right, and more than a centry later I felt the same way when I sat on the roof of a bus going through pot-holed mountainous roads. Oh, what an enjoyable experience that was.

I highly recommend everyone to visit Myanmar. The country is so beautiful and its people are some of the kindest and gentlest I've ever met. Tourists (and there are very few) are practically revered here.

I might come across as arrogant but Myanmar girls love me. I think they are very pretty. Their traditional dress is a longyi (for both men and women). I think a longyi looks very sexy on a woman. There's something to be said about 'beauty in simplicity'.

I'm currently near Inle lake and plan on staying here for 3 or 4 days. Then I head back to Rangoon (Yangon). I fly back to Bangkok on June 16th and take an overnight train to the Laos border the same day.

Interestingly, Yangon/Rangoon is no longer the capital city of Myanmar (Google it)!

PS: Internet here is frustratingly slow! There's a note (notice how the word 'message' is spelled) above the monitor that reads,'Before you send your massage. !You need to copy your massage! !Because of the (Shit) connection!"

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